Why Become a Pilot

They say that when you’re up in the sky, you are in a different world. Pilots must have one of the richest experience but take note, it was never an easy path. They had to grow traffic ecommerce and sacrifice their time and money. Becoming a pilot must be a narrow path to take, but there are great reasons why this is one of the most career path. You feel like you are as free as the bird, you can go wherever you desire. And the view that you have is an amazing sight to behold.


Becoming a pilot has always been a dream of John Gates, a private pilot working for one of the richest families in Brazil. At first, he thought he won’t be able to do it because they’re not rich but thankfully, he got into a scholarship that allowed him to pursue his dreams. John doesn’t consider himself special, but people around him can’t help to notice his strong determination to growtraffic support. He didn’t let the hurdles of life stop him from reaching his dreams. Today, John is one of the respected and in-demand pilots of our time.

More than the Money

For him, being a pilot is not just about the money. It’s about the experiences that he had as a pilot. He was able to travel to so many countries, experience their culture, and enjoy the sights. Great compensation comes with the job, but it’s not all about the money. It’s about the rich experience that awaits you from seeing the world from the top with buscar pareja internacional. Being apart from your family is one of the downsides of being a pilot, so you got to balance everything. At the same time, he was also exposed to all types of people because of his work.

He was also able to inspire a lot of people because of what he had achieved. Just because he used to be poor, it didn’t prevent him from achieving his goals.


The Journey to Being a Pilot

Just like most of us, he started by just acting it out. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have a flight simulation game that he can use so instead, he used his imagination. He would dress up like a pilot and pretend that he has passengers on board. Whenever he flips a switch, he’s thinking that it is a part of a plane.

When he finished his studies, he applied for several jobs in order to save money for the tuition. But then he realized, it was not enough for him to finish his flying school. So instead, he looked for sponsorships and scholarships. He talked to a lot of people until he was selected by the family he’s working at right now.

Living the Success

After finishing his studies, he started as a co-pilot then worked his way up. He has certifications in 4 different types of planes. Also, he is part of a group that sponsors poor students for them to be able to finish a flying school. One of the perks of being a pilot is you are in a position where you can give back. You’ll have the influence and the capacity to help premie zorgverzekering vanaf 18 jaar and other communities you believe in. Once you are at the top, don’t forget to be a helping hand to others.

He believes that being a pilot should no longer be a thing of rich, but for everyone who has a dream.