The Cost of Becoming a Pilot


Our new and exciting flight simulator game gives you a taste of the thrill of being a pilot. It allows you to try how to fly a plane in different conditions. It will also give you a preview of different problems that they encounter that you should be able to fix in an instant since you are the pilot. There’s a saying that being a pilot runs in the family bloodline. Do you know why? It’s because becoming a pilot requires a huge investment with edarling dating international which exclude the mentorship and guidance of a trainer. This means you’ll need rigorous training along with lumpsum tuition fee to get in.
But, if you really want to become a pilot, then get ready to break your bank. It is not cheap, in fact, it is one of the most expensive “tuition” and school payments.

Table of Contents

The Flying School

schoolThe first part of becoming a pilot is going to a flying school. Normally, you’ll need around 150 hours of theory classes where you will talk about different types of airplanes, parts, and protocols that you need to know as a pilot. Choosing a school where to train is a major factor that should be considered. Prominent airlines usually have partnerships with certain schools where they will source their pilot. There is no room for edarling fake profile and complacency. If you want your name to be tagged along with reputable airlines, you will require a lot of investment from your time and money. It is your typical type of school where you have your classmates with you and an instructor is teaching a class. It will instantly cost you minimum $5,000 to finish the class depending on the school.

The next part is the flying hours requirement. To get a certification, you will need at least 200 flying hours per airplane type. This is where you will spend a lot because normally, you’ll have to rent the plane for you to be able to fly it and pay the co-pilot as well. It costs a minimum of $1000 per flight so this will instantly cost you almost $200,000.

As a beginner, you won’t be able to fly commercial planes just yet. You will have to repeat the process from the theory part up until the flying hours requirement. That meant, you will have to pay the same amount again or maybe more.

Some airlines are giving free scholarships for dedicated future pilots. But it is only available to select some, and depending on their physical requirement. However, once you passed everything and you get your license, you will instantly get the perks of being a pilot.

If you have the money and the dedication, you should pursue being a pilot now. But if you don’t have that capacity, then you can just enjoy our flight simulation game.