Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to pay to play this game?

The basic access is free. You will have access to the basic training simulation and the basic tutorials. However, you will need to purchase additional packages for you to enjoy the other simulation environment. Don’t worry, everything are reasonably priced and affordable.

Do you need top of the line PC to enjoy this game?

Technically no, but it will help if you will have great processors, video card, graphics card, and memory. You will be able to run additional effects without the lags and some problematic delays. However, these are perfect for those who have the budget, and who are taking the flight simulation seriously.

Do you have your own flight school?

No, we don’t have, and we’re not planning to have. However, if you are interested to become a pilot, we have a list of training schools that you can go to in order to achieve your dreams.

Are your simulations approved by the Aerospace Board?

We technically don’t need it but all our simulations have been consulted with hundreds of pilots all over the world. In fact, our first beta testers are combination of private and commercial pilots for us to have an idea on the common problems that they encounter.

Is this good enough to learn how to fly?

If you want to be a pilot, you still need to go to a flying school. If you are already a student, you will find this simulation game very helpful because it helps you remember the theories and protocols you have to memorize but this cannot replace flying school.

Can we choose the airplane we are going to use?

Yes, we have options to fly different models of planes as they have different requirement. You will need to download specific packages for specific plane models.