About Us

Skyrama is an innovative inflight game simulator that will allow you to experience what it feels like to be a pilot. You will have access to an out of this world experience that will surely satisfy not only your curiosity, but more importantly, your need for adventure.

It is recommended to people of all ages so long as you are still quick enough to control your aircraft. Don’t worry, we have a complete set of tutorial videos that will guide you from the beginning up until to the end.

We also have different modes that you can try. There is an easy mode where you will just fly and learn the basics of maneuvering a plane. There is also emergency procedures where you will have certain scenarios that you will need to fix before moving on to the next level. And lastly, in beta mode, there is a plane flight simulation where you will have to defend yourselves against attackers.

Table of Contents

As a Company

We believe in inclusivity that’s why we are making apps that are accessible to everyone. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become a pilot if they want to be one. By creating apps that will bridge this gap, we envision that later on, this opportunity will be available not only to those who already have a money.

We also believe in diversity. In the company, we have no preference in hiring except for skills and experience. All of our developers, designers, and other employees came from different countries with different background. Because of this synergy, we were able to create more applications to suit the needs of our audience.