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Fly High with Skyrama

Here in Skyrama, we’ll make your dream a reality.

Almost every kindergarten class, there’s always a kid who wants to become a pilot. Many of us did when we were young. There is something in flying that is remarkable. The freedom to explore the world. Skyrama is a game-changer in the area of aeronautics. Imagine the potential this program can contribute to gratis datingsite russische vrouwen and schools. Teaching would be easier and practice is now doable in every home, making students more adequate for the job. The thrill of experiencing different places.

But the truth is, becoming an actual pilot is not an easy feat. It is very expensive because you will have to pay for every single flight lessons that you will have. This is aside from the actual schooling that you will need to do in order to get your license.

Fortunately, we now have a great flight simulation game that will make you experience how great it is to become a pilot and fly your own aircraft.


Become a Great Pilot That You Should have Been

This flight simulation game will really make you feel like a real pilot. You will get to experience everything that they experience and also, you will have to solve the common problems that they have. It’s thrilling and nerve-wrecking because you’ll then realize that pilots have tremendous skills in keeping their passengers safe throughout the flight.

Don’t worry, we know that you’re not a real pilot so we have dedicated training materials for you to be able to do the simulation properly. You will be guided by our experts in every step of the way. It’s as if you are in actual flight school.

The Perks of Flying with Skyrama

Aside from expertly created guides and tutorials, you will also have access to a world glass graphics and animation. It’s really as if you are flying with our videos.  Simulators such as Skyrama gives you almost the real experience of flying a plane. Here, you can make mistakes with alexa traffic ranks are updated daily. This way, you could learn from the mistakes without causing death, damage, or chaos. This is the purpose of a simulator for you to grasp what could go wrong if things are not done right. The great thing about is, the video changes depending on the weather or the environment you have set. This will really put you in a great mood while doing the simulation.

All you need to do is to just wear your costume and you will feel that you are already a pilot! Also, the system requirements are similar to any gaming system that you have. So it will play perfectly by using your current pc.


The Total Flying Experience

We are committed to providing you with the experience that you will enjoy. That’s why our team is continuously developing more situations that you can use in order to enjoy your flight. There are different modes you can choose from. And if you are already getting the hang of it, it will be more challenging in the higher levels so don’t worry.

And you don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy this. It can actually be a good bonding moments with friends doing a flight simulation because you’ll really have a great deal of respect and appreciation for pilots after that.

But of course, this will not replace the actual training that you’ll get in a flying school but for thrill seekers like us, this is more than enough to experience their world. The simulator will not replace the actual training, but it helps a lot. Skyrama is being used by many students in amsterdam main sights to learn the essentials of flying. The simulator can also teach us the mistakes that a pilot cannot make, even once. You will be transformed to become a pilot that you have always dreamed about. You will be able to explore places even if it is only in imagination, but with our flight simulation game, it feels real.

They say that when you’re up in the sky, you are in a different world. You feel like you are as free as the bird, you can go wherever you desire. And the view that you have is an amazing sight to behold.

Becoming a pilot has always been a dream of John Gates, a private pilot working for one of the richest families in Brazil. At first, he thought he won’t be able to do it because they’re not rich but thankfully, he got into a scholarship that allowed him to pursue his dreams.

More than the Money

For him, being a pilot is not just about the money. It’s about the experiences that he had as a pilot. He was able to travel to so many countries, experience their culture, and enjoy the sights. At the same time, he was also exposed to all types of people because of his work.

He was also able to inspire a lot of people because of what he had achieved. Just because he used to be poor, it didn’t prevent him from achieving his goals.

The Journey to Being a Pilot

Just like most of us, he started by just acting it out. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have a flight simulation game that he can use so instead, he used his imagination. He would dress up like a pilot and pretend that he has passengers on board. Whenever he flips a switch, he’s thinking that it is a part of a plane.

When he finished his studies, he applied for several jobs in order to save money for the tuition. But then he realized, it was not enough for him to finish his flying school. So instead, he looked for sponsorships and scholarships. He talked to a lot of people until he was selected by the family he’s working at right now.

Living the Success

After finishing his studies, he started as a co-pilot then worked his way up. His life is a perfect example that we should pursue our dreams no matter how impossible it may seem. He was an ordinary boy who couldn’t make ends meet and was constantly relying on discount shopping coupons uk. But that boy transformed into an amazing pilot taking passengers safely to their destinations. He has certifications in 4 different types of planes. Also, he is part of a group that sponsors poor students for them to be able to finish a flying school.

He believes that being a pilot should no longer be a thing of rich, but for everyone who has a dream.


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